Beach Babe With Curves


Hey lovelies!

The summer is fastly approaching and I’m wondering why spring is flying by so quickly.  I have been on a mission over the past couple of months to find swimwear that would accentuate this lovely curvaceous body of mine.  I am not going to lie and say that I was initially excited about shopping for swimwear because I am hesitant about getting swimsuits for myself.  They are form-fitting and if not chosen correctly can look unflattering really quick.

Most of my old swimwear are two-pieces and bikini styles from when I was smaller.  I ditched all of those and started fresh.  My goal was to find swimwear that I felt sexy, comfortable, and confident in.  I did some web-surfing, online ordering, and returning/exchanging to find two swimsuit that I feel great in.  The jade colored one piece is from Monif C.  I chose this swimsuit because I love the color and the shape.  I am a fan of fringe and this swimsuit is “fringed” just right.  I thought it was very flattering for my body type and it reminded of a sexy dress.

I am a fan of high waist swimwear because it has more coverage for those of us who are uncomfortable with exposing our bellies all of the way.  I like the retro style of it.  If you read my Swim Sexy post, I had to return the top of the polka-dotted two piece because the top did not support my boobs.  I found another swimsuit ( that had a different top that could support my double D’s.  I haven’t worn a two piece in a while, but I am excited wear my new two-piece on the beach.

I will posting pics when I get a chance to wear them:-)

I am interested in know what you ladies have found to be great curve rocking swimwear.

To all of my curvy, full-figured, plus-size, voluptuous divas we definitely have great options in swimwear to be beach babes.

Rock on!


Swim Sexy by Swimsuits For All Review


Hey lovelies,

I recently purchased a swimsuit two piece from from their Swim Sexy Line.  They specialize in swimwear for women with curves size 8 to 34. I found this red and white polka-dotted high waist two piece swimsuit. I purchased a swimsuit from this company a few years ago and I really liked it.  I got it for a really great price right under $20 and free shipping.  There are a lot of promotions and deals that go on daily. Here’s the swimsuit that I got back then.


Here’s a brief review of my newest purchase and shopping experience:

 The swimsuit was packaged well.  The color was great.  The top did not really look like the photo as far as the coverage.  The top felt tight in some places and did not provide the proper support and coverage for my boobs.  If you look at the halter top straps in the ad pic versus my pic,  the ad pic is wider than mine.  The high-waist bikini bottoms fit fine.  However, the waist was so high that it make the two-piece look like a one piece.  

The return/exchange process was not too difficult.  It does require specific steps. I would suggest talking to the customer service reps and review the exchange/return policy.  I called customer service for help which made the process easier.  I couldn’t exchange just the top, so I had to return the set and place another order that involved me paying again.  I recently got an email that my credit should be refunded to my account soon.  

I just got my new swimsuit and will be reviewing it soon.

Here’s a code for 10% off CURVES10.  It can be used with other offers.  It expires by 3-31-15.

FYI, always keep the packaging and invoices for online purchases.  I needed both for this order.


Talk to you soon!