Travel Diaries: World Natural Hair Show 2015



Hello lovelies!  Jessica and I went to Atlanta this past weekend to attend the annual World Natural Hair Show.  It was a really exciting experience to see so many women rocking their natural hair in afros, twist outs, wash-n-gos, braids, and other styles. There were other vloggers and bloggers there.

I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite YouTube vloggers Toni Daley (  I was super excited to meet her and support your business.


Toni and I

Here’s what I got from Toni:

I also got some mugs from an artist called Twisted Cheri.  She makes posters and drawings of African-American women.

I also got a chance to support other business and I got a chance to stock up on some hair and skin care products.


Support a Sista


What’s up beautiful people?

A little over a year a ago, I saw this YouTube video from Toni Daley where she expressed her frustrations with company who was supposed to be specialized in black hair care. Well, long story short she expressed the need for black women to support other black women’s businesses and black owned businesses. She initiated a movement called Support a Sista so that we as Black women can uplift and support one another.

Here’s the video:

I have been more strategic about supporting other sisters. I will be sharing my experiences as well as highlight sister owned businesses and services that I have had the opportunity to support. I want to encourage other sisters to do the same.


Natural Hair: New Protective Style


Hey everyone!
I am sharing my newest protective style. For those who do not know what a protective style, it is a hair style that protects your natural hair from weather, wear and tear. I’m protecting my natural hair from this winter weather and to give my hair a break. This particular style is called crochet braid. Technically, the hair you see is not braids. I usually do some variation of crochet braids…I just use different types of hair. I just wanted to share. Talk to you soon!



Two Different Outfits With One Change


What’s up beautiful people!

I wanted to show how you can have different outfits just by making one change.  I simply changed my outerwear.  The first look has a cardigan and the second has a blazer.  This is an easy way to switch up your wardrobe…especially if you’re on a budget.  This is also great if you’re on the go.  You may need to  wear a blazer for work or business, and if you go out later to run errands or somewhere casual, just swap out your outerwear.  Talk to you soon!

Outfit Details:

Blazer:  Thrift $3

Cardigan:  $15

Shirt: Dots $4

Skirt:  Rainbows $5

Booties:  Shoe Show $15



Style Inspiration


Hi Beautiful people!
This look is simple but very chic.  I love the subtlety of pastel colors.  Adding pastel colors to edgier garments softens the look.  I thought that this crop top is very funky and cool.  The leather shoes  and leather watch bracelet paired with the pastel handbag and earrings work well together. This great for going out on a casual date or just going out with friends.  You can opt for a pair of black gladiator sandals if you’re not feeling heels.